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For many residents of Lake and Porter County, real estate represents their most significant financial investment. When something goes awry between a buyer and seller, a mortgage company and a borrower, a landlord and tenant, or even between an owner and a municipality, we get results efficiently and effectively.



 There are many reasons a loan modification may be right for you; lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, term extensions, and curing arrearage are all common reasons our excellent attorneys are sought out for modification assistance. We have an excellent record of results; with our assistance, the vast majority of our clients are approved for loan modifications. Many of our clients are even able to avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure by going through the modification process. Applying for a loan modification is extremely time sensitive, so if you are considering applying, call our office now. 



It is essential when transferring title to your home it is done properly. Improper transfers will create a cloud on your title and may prevent you from selling your home years down the road. Our experienced attorneys can draft all the necessary documents for your transfer, as well as ensuring that they are recorded properly, and in the order required to maintain clear title. 


  • Were you sold a home that was not in the promised condition?

  • Is your buyer backing out of a purchase agreement?

  • Do you feel that the sale included property or services that are not being delivered now?

  • Have you discovered serious defects in your new home that were not disclosed?

  • Do you have mold? Is your foundation cracked?

  • Are you experiencing other problems related to a purchase of real estate?

Let us help. For many of our clients, a real estate purchase may be the largest purchase they ever make. A buyer, even with a home inspection, will rely on the representations the seller makes as to the condition of the property. Discovering that your newly purchased home has serious issues can cost thousands of dollars in repairs that you aren't prepared for, and might not be liable for. As a seller, you want to ensure that you've disclosed all known defects as required by Indiana law and provided the buyer with the proper disclosure forms to protect yourself. We represent both buyers and seller in disputes related to home sales. These cases require a lot of evidence, so be sure to keep copies of all contracts, correspondence (even texts and e-mails), take as many pictures as possible, and call our office for further guidance. 


Our attorneys offer representation for both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. When using our office, not only do you have an attorney on your side who knows the current status of the laws which impact your transaction, but you may save thousands of dollars over using a traditional real estate agent! Unlike agents who charge a percentage of the purchase price, our attorneys, depending on the type of assistance requested, bill a flat rate or an hourly rate. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience and are extraordinarily efficient at preparing the documents you need, which may end up saving you thousands. Although we do not provide open-house or showing services, if you are selling by owner our firm will be the ideal outlet to facilitate your transaction. We will guide you through the buying and/or selling process step-by-step and draft all necessary documents along the way. 


Are you renting a home that isn't safe and habitable? Do you have a tenant that refuses to pay rent? Our attorneys are well-versed in the laws that control leases, rental agreements, rent-to-own agreements, option contracts, land contracts, and other possessory contracts.  Indiana has very strict rules regarding what landlords are liable to maintain, what notices they must send out before eviction, when and if utilities may be shut off, when the unit may be considered abandoned, and so on. There are also strict rules governing tenant responsibilities, payment of rent, when rent may be withheld or set-off, habitability, damage to the rental unit, and so on. These laws are difficult to navigate solo, but we can help. 

If you are facing challenges with your real estate, call now and speak with an attorney. Free consultations are always available. 

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